Stairlift Services & Installation


“Stair Glide.” “Stair Chair.” “Stairway Lift.” “Chair Lift.” Call them what you want—we call them stairlifts and we are your specialist!

Stairlifts are comfortable and easy to use. The chair moves up and down between floors with the touch of a button. The seat bottom and footrest fold up easily leaving a compact design with plenty of room for others to use the stairway. The swivel seat turns away from the stairs at the top landing, enabling the rider to get on or off with confidence and security.

All of our stairlifts run on batteries but are plugged in to a standard household outlet in order to monitor and charge the batteries. They all work in the event of a power failure!

Bruno Elan

Elan offers a long list of standard features that are usually found only on more expensive units. The simplicity in design makes the Elan easier and less costly to install than other stairlifts.

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Bruno Elite

The Electra-Ride Elite from TwinCity Stairlifts offers the finest in streamlined, ultra-compact design. Its vertical straight rail installs to within 6 inches from the wall. Family members and guests will have no problem using the stairs. The armrests can be independently flipped up, for easy transfer from a personal mobility device, completing the unit’s package of flexible features. If you are looking for a high end aesthetically pleasing stairlift with lots of upgrade options, this is the answer. Also available with outdoor package.

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Bruno Elite Curved

Your home’s lovely curved staircase was once a highlight. Now, it’s become a challenge. Bruno’s Custom Curved Rail Stairlifts installed by TwinCity Stairlifts restore the function of your staircase for everyone in beautiful, graceful style. Designed for you! The elegant, curved rail is produced by experienced craftsmen from exact measurements of your staircase. No two stairlifts are alike. Only the quality is consistent.

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