Residential Elevators


Incorporate An Elevator into Your Home’s Design for luxury or accessibility 

Your new residential elevator can integrate naturally into your home’s architecture. We’ll match our elevator’s cab sizes, finishes, gate options, lights, and fixtures to your personal style and preferences.

Furthermore, you can make your elevator a centerpiece of your home’s design or choose a more discreet option so your guests can focus on other decorative features.

At TwinCity Stairlifts, we are a qualified elevator and remodeling contractor. We have the unique ability to both construct your hoist way and install your elevator. Call 952.808.3646 to find the right elevator for you.

Waupaca Elevators

Waupaca Elevator specializes in the manufacture of quality, customized winding drum and hydraulic elevators for residential use. Waupaca elevators deliver maximum convenience, safety and comfort while providing smooth and quiet operation. They carry up to 1000 lbs. and readily accommodate multiple passengers, a wheelchair and caregiver, or even a scooter.

Waupaca Elevator prides itself on craftsmanship and its unique ability to provide design variety to the homeowner. Options include: cab styles & sizes, finishes, gate options, lights, and fixtures.

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Savaria Concord Telecab

The compact design means you won’t compromise valuable living space, while still being able to access your home from basement to attic with ease.

Plan now for those golden years so if you develop mobility issues, you won’t have to move out of the home you love. Plus, it benefits your elderly parents now in accessing your home with ease.

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