Ceiling Lift Systems


For one reason or another, a disability or old age, people find it increasingly difficult to move on their own. It is important to maintain the mobility of these people as much as possible to enable them to get out of bed, visit the toilet, shower, or have a bath. It is also important to insure care givers are not hurt in the process.

Ceiling lifts accomplish this goal by allowing the person to be lifted by a battery powered lift mounted to a track on the ceiling. The system can be as simple as just a 6′ section of track attached to the ceiling that spans a bed and a wheelchair or tracking can be installed throughout the entire home. We handle the entire installation including ceiling reinforcement and door notching if required.

Savaria PL – Portable Lift

A portable lift allows multiple tracks to be installed in a home or even multiple homes (one up at the cabin) and the lift can be transferred from track to track. Many times we will install one section of track over the bed spanning in to the room and an additional track in the bathroom that spans the toilet and bathtub. The person is lifted from the bed a lowered in to a wheelchair in the bedroom. The person and the lift are then wheeled to the bathroom track, where the lift is attached and person is lifted from their wheelchair and lowered to the toilet or bathtub.

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Savaria Monarch FL – Fixed Ceiling Lifts (286lb or 440lb)

The advantage to this is any structural modifications to the ceiling can be reduced if the person weighs 220 pounds or less. The term fixed means the lift stays in the track at all times and cannot be moved from track to track. The advantage to this type of lift is it has the ability to travel under power both vertically up and down (2 way system) and laterally (4 way system).

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Savaria Monarch FL – Fixed Ceiling Lift (660lb)

The 660lb fixed ceiling lift has all the features of the 286lb or the 440lb Fixed but has a lifting capacity of 660 pounds.

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