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Decreased mobility caused by age, disease, or injury can make climbing stairs difficult, painful, or even undesirable. Over time, the inability to move freely can be discouraging, especially if you might have to move to a smaller home as a result.

Fortunately, you can overcome this challenge with residential elevators in St. Paul MN. Residential elevators, just like commercial elevators, move between floors. Just walk in and push a button. No stress. No hassle.

You can find and install residential elevators in Minneapolis, MN with the help of Twin City Stairlifts. We provide the technical knowhow and experience you need for a smooth transition towards mobility.

Find the Right Elevator for You

Elevators give you a comfortable ride from floor to floor. Better still, elevators are a safe way to move because they minimize the risk of falling down stairs.

For your convenience, we offer two brands of elevators so you can pick the right one for your home. Check out our Waupaca elevators and our Savaria Concord Telecab below.

Incorporate Your Elevator into Your Home’s Design

Your new residential elevator can integrate naturally into your home’s architecture. We’ll match our elevator’s cab sizes, finishes, gate options, lights, and fixtures to your personal style and preferences.

Furthermore, you can make your elevator a centerpiece of your home’s design or choose a more discreet option so your guests can focus on other decorative features.

Trust Twin City Stairlifts for Your Mobility Needs

At Twin City Stairlifts, we have qualified elevator and remodeling contractors who will install your elevator with ease. We have the unique ability to add your mobility solution and renovate your home to match your new needs. Call 952.808.3646 to find the right elevator for you. 

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