Wheelchair Ramps for Your Home in Minneapolis, MN


Whether it’s one step or five steps to get into your home, when there is a wheelchair involved, it’s too many. We install weather resistant aluminum ramps built by EZ Access and Prairie View Industries. They carry a full line of ramps from simple threshold ramps for that small bump before the door to modular ramps that can span 50 feet or more. Remember, for every inch or rise (ground to entrance), you need 12 inches of ramp

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EZ Access


Prairie View Industries

Slope Recommendations

1:12 (4.8° )
The recommended slope for home ramps.  This works for most strong unassisted manual chair users.

2:12 (9.5°)
Acceptable grade for portable ramp use by occupied chairs and scooters with assistance.

To determine the length of ramp for your application, first you need to determine the rise.  The rise is the vertical measurement between ground and where the top of the ramp is going to sit.

Portable ramps are intended for rises under 24″.

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