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How long have you lived in your home? Whether it’s been a few years or a lifetime, you don’t want to leave it without good reason. However, you may be considering an alternative if you feel less independent in your home because of age or disability.

With the right adaptions to your bathroom, you can keep your house—and reclaim your independence.

Bathroom Modifications

Bathroom modifications help people who struggle with mobility. People with wheelchairs, arthritis, or other health problems can stay safe and independent in their own bathroom with the modifications offered by Twin City Stairlifts. We provide proven products to give you an accessible bathroom in Minneapolis, MN.

Grab Bars

Grab bars or safety handles allow you to stand up or transfer to a wheelchair with less effort and more security. You can also avoid dangerous falls without assistance from another person. Grab bars go next to a toilet, in a bathtub or shower, or just on the bathroom wall. With the right safety handles, you can make your bathroom a more user-friendly space.


Make showering easier by placing specialty shower heads in your accessible bathroom in Minneapolis, MN. These showerheads attach to a bar within easy reach. They have extensions, to avoid the risk of falling while you move in the shower, or use them while sitting on a shower tool.


When you work with Twin City Stairlifts, you create a safer home that supports your independent lifestyle. We can do full bathroom renovations to make it more accessible to you. For the last 13 years, we have helped people stay in their homes instead of moving to more accessible ones. Let us help make your bathroom easier to use. Call 952.808.3646 to schedule a free evaluation today.

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